Theological Libraries Month

October is Theological Libraries Month. We are offering a series of events to highlight the resources and services that the Leo Dehon Library offers to support the Sacred Heart (SHSST) community. Please join us!

Monday Spirituality Series | 10:15-10:30am | Leo Dehon Library
Enjoy coffee & treats while learning about a variety of faithful ways of living.
October 3, Priests of the Sacred Heart, Fr. Paul Kelly

PowerPoint Workshop
Monday, October 3 2:15pm, Room 1 | Bring your computer if you have PowerPoint software. Contact the library if you need to borrow a laptop.

Tuesday, October 4, 3:30pm, Room 3 | Bring your computer if you have PowerPoint software. Contact the library if you need to borrow a laptop.

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Lunch & Learn on PDF Reader/Editors

Marking Up PDF Documents

Tuesday, Oct. 28

Noon–12:45 p.m.

Classroom 2

Find Out:

What is a PDF Reader/Editor and why do I need one on my tablet or notebook computer?

How do they work?

Will this technology work for me?


Dan Dorau and Susanna Pathak

Brought to you by the Technology Advisory Work Group and Dehon Library

“Just Tell Us” Contest Winners

Thanks to all who sent in an entry for the “Just Tell Us” contest. Here are some of the comments & suggestions that were shared and of course, our four gift card winners, too.

What do you love best about Dehon Library? 

  • I really love the silence and reclining chairs. They combine for a perfect place to study, sleep, or relax in quiet.
  • 24/7 access to library (for those with a key); it is rare to have this kind of access–even in seminaries !!  Second favorite like:  bar code check out !!
  •  Convenient corner for studying and the whole-hearted help of staff-library
  • The people. Everyone is so extremely helpful, welcoming, and friendly! They are never to busy to offer help on the computers or with resources or just friendly advice. They always have a smile and go the extra mile to be of service. Thank you!!!
  • I love the variety of resources that the Dehon library has to offer, especially the corner to study and be comfortable.
  •  I love the services and free books.
  • i love the openness of the staff to serve us.
  • i love the schedule.
  • I do love also the free books outside.

 What would be a dream service you’d like to see us offer? 

  • A coffee bar (machine–for free or modest cost) with espresso, Latte, Mocha, etc
  • Add leather recliners
  • I would love to see the Dehon library sponsor lunch-time talks centering around the theology of various famous theologians of the 20th century. Perhaps different professors would volunteer their knowledge and share their love. A different theologian every talk.

Any great ideas for Dehon Library?

  • I would really like to see the library offer some online resources, specifically for writing papers using Microsoft Word and doing Powerpoint presentations.
  • Remind to someone who leave the library late remember to turn of the light before they leave; remind to somebody who make noisy in our library.
  • I would encourage Dehon Library to continue expanding their online journal subscription, because so many great resources are available through that medium.

The Winners! 

And these four individuals have won a $25 iTunes gift card: Michael Hopper, Thang (Peter) Nguyen, Charlene Lammers, & Andrew Linn! Happy listening!

Theological Libraries Month Treats

2013-TLM-LogoGreetings from the Director! October is Theological Libraries Month. Here are a few fall treats for you.
  1. Stop by the library and pick up a complimentary copy of Commonweal magazine. We’ve got the October 13th issue for you.commonweal
  2. Love nice bookmarks? Help yourself to a Theological Libraries Month bookmark. They’re on top of the Book Drop next to the Self-Check desk.
  3. Got something to share about library resources, services or space? There is a “Tell Us What You Think” easel up so that you can scribble up your comments. Library Staff will respond to ideas here on this blog.
Here’s a “Tell Us What You Think” comment we received a few months ago and our response:

Comment: “Is there some way we could make the library just a bit quieter for study? Other than that things are great.” Response: Yes, for a monastery library, it does get a bit noisy. For many in our community, the library is a place to connect and discover and learn with others, so there will be some conversations going on. The days of librarians shushing patrons are long gone. However, we understand why you might seek quiet to read and think and do your work. So we’re providing free disposable foam ear plugs, if you want to give them a try? There’s a basket of the little purple plugs on the New Books Shelf. They look like purple candy corn and are comfortable to wear.

It’s also quieter up on the balcony level. Try a study table upstairs over by the Lux Center side and you might find yourself less distracted by the action on the main level. Finally, you can ask library staff to help with managing a noisy situation if you feel it needs attention.
Glad to know that other than the noise, things are great! Thank you!