IUG Update from Ann Owen

My favorite comment so far taken from a session on Statistics: “You have complete control over your SCAT (i.e., Statistical Categories).”

Could this same session on Stats have excited me to find out the answers to certain questions that our small theological library has not formally researched in the past? Such as:

What is the monthly workload of your Tech Services (me)?
What is the percentage of our collection that gets checked out in a year?
How many patron records are missing email addresses?–especially important now with auto notices

In a session this morning entitled “Circulation Everywhere,” we were challenged to think of circulation functions in a new way, no longer a fixed desk near the entrance to your physical library. Rather, instead of finding ways to bring people to the library, we need to take down the walls to deliver the library to the people. The new Circ becomes the “Library Concierge.”

All these are the beginning of thoughts toward the creation of my Top Ten List of What I Learned at IUG. Stay tuned.