Library Technology

The library offers rich media in addition to print resources.  We have compact discs, DVDs, e-books, online databases, and other resources.  We also have some of the hardware you’re looking for.

Digital Voice Recorders and Video Cameras

The library has several pieces of this equipment for use by the SHSST community.  They can be borrowed for 1 week, and are renewable.

Flash Drives

There are several flash drives available for your to borrow.  The loan period is 1 week.  Please see a librarian for assistance.

Kindle Fire

There are two Kindle Fires available for check-out to patrons.  They may be borrowed for 5 days, and is renewable.


We have two laptop computers available for you to borrow.  They use the Windows 7 operating system, and include standard Microsoft Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), as well as Adobe Professional.  They may be borrowed for 5 days, and are renewable 1 time. Please see a librarian to make arrangements.

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