Sacred Heart in Phase 4.5

Sacred Heart has moved to Phase 4.5 of its COVID protocols. For the library this means that the physical space is open to all students, faculty, staff, and outside patrons. Visitors are asked to call ahead [414-858-4995], and will be asked to mask while in the library. Thank you, and welcome back!

Library Open to Visitors

We are open to community patrons, though our outside doors remain locked. Please call the library office to arrange a visit, 414-858-4995. Outside visitors are asked to wear masks in the library. Check out our new copy of the St. John’s Bible, on display near the Reference Shelves, given in memory of Fr. Charles Yost, SCJ.

A Blessed Feast of St. Jerome to all

Today commemorates the death (or birth into eternal life, if you prefer) of St. Jerome, Biblical scholar and Doctor of the Church. Best know for his translation of the entire Bible into the common language of Latin (a.k.a. the Vulgate) from the Hebrew and Greek, he is also known for his Scripture commentaries and his feisty temper. He is the patron saint of archaeologists, librarians, Biblical scholars, translators, and students.

(Saint Jerome in His Study, by Niccolò Antonio Colantonio c. 1445–46, depicts Jerome’s removal of a thorn from a lion’s paw.,_Jerome_in_his_Study.jpg)

Why are there slips in the books?

As you enjoy the new arrangements in the stacks, you’ll notice that some books have slips in them. We have a number of books that need repair, whose call numbers are incorrect, or with the same call number as other books in that subject area. Books with slips indicate that there is a problem to be resolved. You are welcome to check out these books and we ask that you leave the slips in them. Use it as a bookmark! We hope to complete the project by early October. Update