Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Leo Dehon Library is to support the intellectual, pastoral, spiritual and human formation needs of the students and faculty in the Priestly Formation, Master of Arts, and other programs at Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology.  Additionally, it serves the intellectual, pastoral, and personal needs of the staff, members of the Priests of the Sacred Heart, alumni, and registered patrons from the wider community.

It does this by acquiring materials on a variety of primarily theological and philosophical topics predominantly from the Catholic tradition, and secondarily from a variety of supporting fields and disciplines.  It also acquires materials from other faith traditions as appropriate.   It participates as a member of the Southeastern Wisconsin Information Technology Exchange (SWITCH) consortium, and it collaborates with other professional associations.

Professional librarians and trained support staff select, purchase, classify, organize, retrieve and interpret information in a variety of formats, such as but not limited to, books, serials, audio-visual, electronic, and software.  The staff is committed to provide advice, instruction, and help to patrons who require them in the use of any library resources.

Vision Statement

Leo Dehon Library will be a technologically-driven resource center that integrates print collections, online resources, and digitalized information to foster the intellectual, human, spiritual, and pastoral formation of students, as well as the research needs of the SHSST faculty, SCJ patrons, and outside constituencies.  A keystone of this arrangement is the resources provided by membership in the SWITCH (Southeastern Wisconsin Information Technology Exchange) Consortium.

Leo Dehon Library will offer customized assistance to professors and students by providing resources for the classroom, such as finding aids tailored to a specific class, course-specific web resources, and offering an introductory workshop on the basics of theological research and writing.  These services will be mediated by appropriate uses of technology.

Leo Dehon Library will become the premier seat for Dehonian studies in the United States by expanding the current Sacred Heart special collection and entering into cooperative ventures in order to support the Priests of the Sacred Heart in spreading their unique charism to the wider world.

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