Sacred Heart Joins TLELP!

TLELP logo

The Leo Dehon Library has joined the Theological Libraries e-Book Lending Project, known as TLELP. TLELP is a group of independent libraries that save money by purchasing religious and theological eBooks direct from publishers, to then securely lend those resources, rather than the more usual leasing of content. In similar fashion to print book purchasing, TLELP libraries purchase specific eBooks for their own collections usually allowing one simultaneous user for each copy purchased. Currently, TLELP libraries have acquired nearly 900 unique titles, with many available as multiple copies for all patrons to borrow. Our publishers have agreed to allow TLELP libraries to share their collections with the other libraries in this consortium. We feel this is an excellent service to offer our students, particularly those participating in either the Cor Unum or Adveniat Regnum Tuum pathways for the MA program.

Sacred Heart students, faculty, and staff can access this great resource here; use you SH email login to gain full access. You can view a video introducing this resource here.

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