Theological Libraries Month: “Just Tell Us” Contest

During Week 3 (Oct 13-18), our students, staff and faculty have been invited to submit answers to any of these questions:

  • What do you love best about Dehon Library? 
  • What would be a dream service you’d like to see us offer? 
  • Any great ideas for Dehon Library?

We’ll feature their replies on this blog. Four lucky persons will win an iTunes gift card.

One thought on “Theological Libraries Month: “Just Tell Us” Contest

  1. 1) Love best…self-service when you need it, help when you need that.

    2) Dream service? A self-checkout machine like that at the Pewaukee Public Library…you run your barcode library card under the red light, then just lay your books on the platform…you don’t have to point a wand or a light at any book barcode, just lay it down. It’s like a small miracle, but it works!

    3) The self-checkout mentioned above…

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