Bookplate Exhibit

Raul bookplate_v4I am delighted to announce a small exhibit has been mounted in Dehon Library honoring the gift of hundreds of books and other material from Rev. Raúl Gomez-Ruiz, S.D.S.

The exhibit features a bookplate designed by seminarian Patrick Neufeld. Patrick’s striking black and white design is based on Mozarabic column styles and architecture.  Raúl’s extraordinary gift included a large collection of works in Mozarab studies. Some of these beautiful books are part of the exhibit and all will be part of the library’s permanent collection. Each cataloged book bears the bookplate designed by Patrick and its inscription reads: Gift of Rev. Raúl Gomez-Ruiz, S.D.S.

I invite you to visit the library and see the exhibit which is mounted on top of the Reference collection. I thank Patrick Neufeld for working with Fr. Raúl and the library staff on design elements for the bookplate. Kathy Harty coordinated reception and review of materials (nearly 800 items) and organized the exhibit. Ann Owen, with help from volunteer Shannon McKeown, is handling technical processing

The exhibit will be up though mid-May.

Susanna Pathak

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